Shopping Ban-February

I continue to honor my shopping ban by successfully making it through another 28 days without spending for myself.  If I were embarking on this self-imposed ban due to an addictive issue with spending (think: the shopper’s high), I would be able to satisfy such a craving as I do continue to make purchases.  The son had a birthday early in the month, and I did shop online for gifts for him.  I honored Valentine’s Day and the family by purchasing candy and cards and slipped the kids a few bucks as well.  I also replaced our carbon monoxide detectors, and purchased a new pair of athletic shoes for the spouse.  (A side note.  The hubby owns seven pairs of shoes and boots.  I, on the other hand, own over 40 pairs of footwear.)  I signed into my Amazon account where I purchased pet supplies at a discounted rate.  I did venture into a Barnes & Noble to kill time before a lunch appointment, and managed to exit without a book in my bag.  I am once again utilizing our local library for my reading material, and would be open to borrowing books from reader friends.  I ALWAYS return items loaned to me, so if you have books you care to share, you will absolutely get them back.

My ban continues to be just a refusal to purchase more stuff that I don’t need which stems from a belief that I already possess my must-haves.  My wallet contains two gift cards-one for Kohl’s and another for Kirkland’s-that I can swipe should some item become a wish or necessity, a back up plan of sorts should my resolve weaken.  For now, I remain strong and committed to honoring my non-shopping status.  It really has been quite easy, but hey, it has only been 59 days.  Only 306 more days to go……

Shopping Ban-January

It is January 24th and I am just over three weeks into my self-imposed shopping ban.  If you missed the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, I have vowed to refrain from shopping for myself for this calendar year.  I did not know when I declared this ban that it would also coincide with my self-imposed unemployment.  It would seem rather obvious, at least to me, that one who is not working and earning a regular paycheck should not be out shopping.  Duh!  You can’t spend what you don’t have.  My professional wardrobe, shoes and accessories are currently magnets for dust.  Save for the occasional job interview (which I have had), they are as lonely and orphaned as the Maytag repairman. That is just fine with me.  I am at peace with my current jobless status, as well as my vow to refrain from frequenting my favorite shops.

My shopping ban is really less about spending money unnecessarily than it is about accepting where I am spiritually.  I have long tried to subscribe to the belief that I have EVERYTHING that I need.  I have a loving family, a roof over my head, access to food and water, etc.  My closet is maxed out, and there is no space for one more knickknack or framed photo in my home. I may WANT something, but I don’t NEED anything.  I can also take this spiritual philosophy and apply it to my current jobless status.  In my recent time off, I have learned that I do want to work somewhere, but am fortunate to have the luxury of time to search for that perfect next job.  I have some ideas of what such a position might look like, and I will remain steadfast in not settling for less than what I want.  I hope to work for another five to ten years, and would hope that I can accomplish that goal with just one more employer.

I believe that I am using my new-found free time wisely.  I have been working on my motivational speaking piece and hope to blog more frequently.  I am continuing with my hospice volunteering, and just made the switch this past weekend to work with another local hospice.  I hope to be assigned my first patient(s) later this week.  I am also in the midst of volunteer training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a Patient Family Outreach Volunteer.  This program pairs a survivor (me) with a newly diagnosed blood cancer patient as a resource for them as someone who has “been there, done that.”  I have also made myself available to friends and neighbors who need various forms of help.  One friend is currently undergoing treatment for cancer and has a few other pesky physical ailments that are preventing her from getting through some days independently.  I understand how difficult it can be to ask for help, and am grateful that I am able to “pay it forward.”  (Thirteen years ago I was in a similar situation and needed LOTS of help.)  I am also available to those of you in need of some home or office organizing, as I hope to keep my skills as “Organizer Extraordinaire” current and polished.  If you have a need for such a service, I am your woMAN.  Free. Of. Charge.

I shall leave you now with the knowledge that after nearly one month, I have refrained from shopping and that I am okay with my current (but temporary) jobless status.  Life is good and I am grateful.

Shopping Ban

It is that time of year to consider penning New Year’s resolutions.  Instead of composing a traditional list consisting of items such as lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, swear less, I have decided to kind of copycat folks who have instituted their own ban on shopping.  I  believe that I already have everything I need in the non-material sense such as love, food, water, shelter, good health and more.  In the world of material possessions, I am also more than complete-a closet full of clothes and shoes, as well as a nice home that has recently been renovated to accommodate my wish list of an updated kitchen and flooring.  (I have had to abandon my wish of a large kitchen with an island and tons of cabinets.  Perhaps my abode in a next life will include such an upgrade?)  As we approach the new year, it is my intention to refrain from making frivolous, unnecessary purchases of clothing, shoes, home decorating items and the like.  I have enough clothes and shoes for work, play, and the gym, and in my advanced age, probably enough clothes for what is left of a lifetime.   Our home is nicely decorated and furnished and the space is maxed out.

I hope to use this blog as a way to document my progress with this self-imposed shopping ban much as I used it to document my venture into the world of online dating.  For the three or so people who followed along with my weekly posts back in 2011 (you know who you are-Nan, Cheryl, Jen), this blogging is sure to be much less entertaining and ridiculous, and hopefully I WILL last the full twelve months.  (If you recall, I bailed on the online matchmaking in October, 60 days shy of my one-year intended commitment.)  This time, I hope to check in once a month or so to update my progress, or more so if I feel the urge to shop.  This blog can serve as my “counselor in need” (think sponsor in AA)  should I weaken in my resolve and have visions of grabbing my keys, hopping in my car and heading to Harper’s Point where I can knock off three of my favorite stores with one parking space.

I am a bit fearful that the absence of my credit card swipes at my beloved haunts-TJ Maxx, SteinMart, Home Goods and Hobby Lobby-might result in a decline in sales so disruptive as to cause the stores to close, so I am calling on all of my fellow female shopping addicts to help save the day, or in this case, the stores.  Shop till you drop and do so in my honor so that as 2017 comes to an end in a little more than 12 months, I can dust off my VISA and once again regain my title as “Maxxinista.”