It is Friday, the end of the work week, and it has been a good one for several folks that I know.  My kindred spirit, Jane, received a copy of her first published short story. (Her man cubs are happy to have her back inside. She set up camp next to the mailbox and hasn’t been seen for weeks.) The next person to end the week on a positive note is my sister’s friend, John. His surgery to remove a cancerous growth that had taken up residence in a most unusual place-behind his tongue and down into his neck-was successful. This is John’s second battle with cancer. Once should have been enough. We then move onto my friends, Marla and Ed, who are settling into their apartment near a famous cancer center. Ed’s pre-transplant work-ups are going well, and they have even had time to explore the city that they currently call home. Ed is about two weeks away from his scheduled bone marrow transplant. I think of them often and keep them in my prayers.

It was a good week for me, too. I worked about twenty hours at the job that I quit last December. (If you are confused, you will have to read my earlier post, “Self-Induced Unemployment,” to get caught up.) I also made a new dog-walking friend. She is currently unemployed and is trying to keep busy. We may play hooky and go to the movies on a WEEKDAY, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON. (Shh. Don’t tell anyone.)

If this week wasn’t a “10” on your list, don’t worry because things are looking up. Spring has sprung and the bunny’s coming soon and he’s bringing chocolate!