The Little Book That Could

My self-published memoir, Carried By a Feather, won second place in The BookFest Spring 2023 contest in the personal memoir category. I didn’t write the book as a way to earn money or accolades, but rather as a way to share the tragic story of my family of three, which includes the passing of my son and only child. In 2020, I entered the book in a contest and was informed that it scored high but a few things prevented it from winning any prizes. Last year, I decided to spend more time and money to address the issues that were brought to my attention. Once the revisions were complete, I was prepared to put it out there again.

I’ve done little writing since publishing my memoir with no definitive answer as to why. My ultimate goal is to submit essays to literary journals and magazines in the hope of getting a piece professionally published. This is the one thing that still eludes me. Rejection is part of the submission process, so I simply cannot allow the word “no” to distract me from my goals. I’m grateful that my little-book-that-could achieved an award. It’s a validation of sorts, and something I hope will entice me to sit at my computer daily and write. I have nothing to lose and much to gain in the process. A huge thank you to The BookFest and all the people who’ve read and supported Carried By a Feather. I am eternally grateful.

2 thoughts on “The Little Book That Could

  1. Joan—I met you pre-Covid when you sat with my husband once or twice. He has since passed away—a peaceful death at 96. My adult son’s death was a result of alcoholism—not peaceful or a happy life.
    I’m so excited for your book—ordering it now!

    • Hi Carol. I remember you, of course. I’m sorry to hear about your husband. I hope you are doing well.
      I know you are an avid reader. Thanks for ordering my book. I vaguely remember a mention about your son. I’m sorry to hear about his passing. We now share child and spouse loss. Hugs to you. Thanks for commenting on my post.

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