End of the Unemployment Line

Joan. Got. A. Job.  I start a new full-time HR position in less than a week.  The U.S. unemployment stats for June 2017 just decreased.  Here are a few stats of my own as I searched for a new employer:

I was jobless for 141 business days.

I applied for 26 positions, both full-time and part-time.

I worked with two local staffing agencies.  I signed up with one in February and found them to be a bit unorganized and scattered with poor follow through.  The second one appeared to be more organized and thorough, but I never had a chance to really utilize them.

I completed four phone interviews and five in-person interviews.

I was fortunate that I could be picky in my search for what I hope is my last long-term employment home.  I interviewed prospective employers just as they interviewed me.  I did find some of the process to be a little disconcerting.  I passed on a position where the Director of HR (one of three people interviewing me) made what I believed to be an inappropriate comment.  Also, there appeared to be a lack of follow through after the selection process was complete.  I still have yet to hear back about at least two positions that I interviewed for.  I find that to be rude and inconsiderate.  I was told by a recruiter that she hears about unprofessionalism quite often from their recruits.  WOW!  REALLY?

I do feel that I made good use of my “down” time.  I was able to chauffeur a friend to appointments as she was unable to drive for a bit due to a foot injury.  (I call her Miss Daisy, but she goes by J.B.)  I had a few marathon luncheons with some great ladies, and spent many hours volunteering.  I watched a little morning TV as I performed chores, as well as lots of HGTV, mostly during the winter.  I took a Tuesday morning spinning class where I met a few nice, mostly retired women and worked up a sweat thanks to Chris the Brit.  I wrote, though not as much as I had intended.  I did complete my motivational speaking piece and my son helped me convert it to Power Point.  Now, I just need to find some folks to motivate!!!

In the end, the job that just felt right was one of my easiest interviews.  My new boss was friendly, laid back and did not grill me with a list of obscure and unimportant questions.  I am hopeful that I can call this place home for the next five to ten years.  By then, the kiddos will be out of college and we will be of a “certain” age.  I can already see the light in my retirement tunnel!