Joan Is Jotting Again

It has been nearly three and a half years since I have posted on this blog.  If this were my severely neglected child, I would have been reported to Child Protective Services and then promptly incarcerated.  Lots has transpired during my absence.  Here is a summary of events in no particular order:

Said “I do” 20 months ago.

Gained a “bonus daughter” (A co-worker mentioned this term to me.  I prefer to not use the term “step” child or mother as negative connotations abound.  Think Cinderella.)

Had a son attend and graduate from high school.

Buried my mother.

Remained cancer-free (13 years and counting….)

Know of at least three friends/neighbors diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hit the 10-year mark at my current employer.

Attended six college visits between two prospective college students.

Emptied the contents of a four-bedroom house and then sold it.

Completed a few renovations to current home.

Gained another pet-Feline named Smokey (He would be the “bonus” cat.)

Learned that three more sets of parents buried a child.  (This makes eight families known to me in my small world that have faced the unthinkable.)

Planned and executed a few family vacations, including Germany and Colorado.

Kept credentials current at local hospice where I am a volunteer.

Became a card-carrying member of a female only club-Post Menopause (I will NOT be on the recruiting committee for this organization.  I have very few positive things to say to encourage other females to join.)

What does all of this mean besides some boring summary of the “Life of Joan?”  It means that we must accept and embrace change-the good, the bad and the ugly.  It means that bad things happen to good people.  It means that life goes on so changes to the family dynamic can and do occur with positive outcomes.  It means that our kids grow up and leave the nest.  It means the “to do” list is never-ending.  It means we should find time to relax and enjoy life.  It means that one can find purpose and enjoyment outside of family and work right within your own community.  Most importantly, in my opinion, it means that life is in constant motion-NOTHING stays the same.

One huge change that is barreling its way towards me is that my job as I have known it for many years is being revised.   The good news is two-fold.  I am still employed AND I get a day off during the week.  It is my intention to use this time to write.  That means a return to blogging as well as purposeful devotion to finishing a motivational speech idea that has been rolling around in my ever-aging brain for quite some time.  The idea of working from home has always been a little sketchy for me as I believe I can easily become distracted and enslaved by the call of laundry, dishes, yard work and other such mundane busywork.  This is FEAR disguised as a chore list.  Fear of failure, fear of having anything worthy to write, fear that I can even write and fear that anyone would find anything “motivational” about what I have to say.  This is when I choose to remember that there are really only two operating forces in this universe-LOVE  and FEAR.  I hope that I choose LOVE!

Thanks for reading.  It feels good to talk with you again, but I have to go.  The washer just buzzed.  Oops!  LOVE is all we need.  Clean clothes are optional.