Online Dating-Week 40

It was a quiet week for me (contact wise), but the guys were out in full force.  Here are my picks of the week:

One 55-year old from my home state answered the question, “What I like to do?” with this three-word statement: Golf, golf, golf! WOW! I think he really digs golf!

A younger guy (age 46) from a neighboring state wrote the following about his favorite TV shows: “I like the Big Bang Therory. (It is funny how smart people are so dumb.)” I agree that sometimes the uber intelligent lack a certain degree of common sense, but I am pretty sure that they know how to spell the word “theory.”

Another grammatically incorrect 54-year old wrote the following as his entire profile: “I just want to have fun camping riding dancing any thing to do with having fun lets get the ball rolling what is this English class well I will just keep on typing Im sure you are going to be worth it….” For the record, the dating site is NOT synonymous with English class, and it appears that perhaps this fella might benefit from a refresher course-especially one focused on capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.

A 55-year old local guy was “singled out just for me:” The first line of his profile begins with “Looking for a lady who likes to camp.” He also shares that he is fine with “cig smokers.” Included in his photo album were pictures of a camper, pick-up truck and tractor trailer. I am not exactly sure how he was selected as my match of the day? I hate camping and am not okay with “cig smokers.” Also, I prefer small cars as my method of transportation.

The photo of the week captures a potential mate lying sideways across a bed talking on a cell phone. Huh? At least he actually took the time to make the bed before saying “cheese.”

As I mentioned last week, October began my ninth month as an online dating participant. My subscription is up for renewal on 10/19. After giving it lots of thought, I have decided that I will not to continue with this form of a “search” for a mate.  I contemplated hanging on until January 1st so that I could say that I committed one full year to this process, but I truly believe it has run its course. I will continue to write this weekly post until my subscription officially expires, and then will gracefully (and gratefully) exit the online dating world. Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Online Dating-Week 40

    • Clothes on, thank God! I think the site’s filters would catch an unclothed human. They even weed out bad language. (That is curse words, not bad grammar.) I obviously fail the grammar test as well. That’s what I get for thinking I am Miss Smarty Pants Writer Lady!

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