Online Dating-Week 32

I am lacking in motivation to write this week’s post. First, I only logged onto the site twice, and maybe read 15 profiles total. Also, I am still hanging out with someone I met, so it makes it less fun (and worthwhile) to read the profiles of other men.  I am monogamous to a fault, I guess? Or, I just don’t multi-task very well. Anyway, here is a recap of the good and not so good quotes and photos from this week:

One 56-year old from my hood wants his matches to know that his favorite color is orange, “because of past memories of Halloween.” I don’t know a lot of men who want to reveal their favorite color to you.  I can’t even remember the last time I told anyone my favorite color?  Maybe junior high or high school? And I am a chick!

This week was not without a faithful viewer of the television show, Two and a Half Men,” however, this bachelor wants the ladies to know that he is neither Charlie nor Allen. Whew! The player and the metro-sexual: not top choices on my list.

One guy listed his favorite hot spot as “Walmart.” While I would not list that store as a “hot spot” for entertainment purposes, it is probably number one on my list of favorite places to shop for food and necessities. I give them TONS of my money every month! (If you want entertainment, I suggest you log onto the “People of Walmart” website. You will not only be entertained by what you see, but you might just be a little shocked at who is showing up at your local store!)

One 52-year old seeking women aged 40-60 (please note realistic age parameters) said, “Who’s into Monster Trucks and Tractor Pulls???? Yeah… neither!” I thought it was a cute statement, and one I had never seen before. Guess he isn’t into the rough-around-the-edges ladyfolk.

One 46-year old with the name “Sleepin” states that “I put the seat down.” Wow! He must have read my post from last week!

To wrap up the odd and the wacky, one 52-year old local guy with no photo and an income of less than $25,000 had a profile that I will quote in its entirety, EXACTLY as it was written:

“I am a former acomplished Athlete Still in great shape for my age I pray every day go to church every day but Im still a new follower of Crist I’m Quiet I talk to friends Daily but I’m still alone alot and trying to change that……I like to go to church and play with my cat and my favorite thing is Christian.” The latent English teacher in me was ALL OVER the misspellings, lack of accurate punctuation and intermittent capitalization. How many times do I have to say, “GET SOMEONE TO PROOFREAD YOUR PROFILE BEFORE YOU POST IT!!!”

There were two winning photos this week, both of which had beer as their theme. One same town guy posted a photo of himself with six other people, most of whom were elderly. One of the older gentlemen was sporting a t-shirt that said, “I Fear No Beer!” Apparently beer must flow from the fountain of youth, because gramps is still kickin! The other photo was a close-up of a spaniel-type dog sniffing at a bottle of beer. I guess Spuds MacKenzie has passed the Budweiser torch to another breed? The canine motto is, “Share the beer!”

And last but not least, I leave you with a quote posted by a fella that sums up his view of dating. “One must look with the heart. Remember the eyes are blind.” I LOVE that, especially since I so often confine myself to a boxed type. I am realizing that what I really want is most likely outside of my box, so I need to heed the advice and let my heart do the looking. My eyes aren’t what they used to be anyway!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Online Dating-Week 32

    • I laughed out loud at your “proofreading” comment. Somehow, I don’t think that you have a problem with spelling, grammar and punctuation. Probably one of the reasons why you have been successful with online dating. 🙂

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