Online Dating-Week 16

My online dating service has hit a major brick wall. I  received a mere three matches this week-one lives eight hours away, one had no photo and an extremely short bio, and the last one was from my home state with a decent profile.  Obviously, my service is running out of options for me. Due to the gentle nudging of two people-a cousin and complete stranger-I reactivated my account with another online dating service. In the first four days, I have been contacted by a few men, and traded several emails with one guy in particular, which led to a phone call. So far, it has been less “creepy” than my previous experience, and the vast majority of profiles have been well-written. It has been suggested to me that men begin to finally mature around age 45. This is encouraging information. It may help me to remain faithful to my commitment to this process, and therefore, keep me off the ledge!

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