Online Dating-Week 15

There were four days this week where I received no matches, so I ended up with only five choices. Needless to say, my soul mate was not among this week’s picks. There were two with no photos, and one of these summarized himself in just nine words. Under “Occupation,” there was a construction worker who spends his leisure time fishing and hunting (not a match for an animal-loving, vegetarian), a physician, and one gent who wrote, “Father, Student, Retired (Air Force).” My MOST favorite occupation came from a 46-year old, apparently successful guy.  He wrote, “President.” Since he was one of the two with missing photos, I immediately thought that President Obama was on eHarmony, but then I noticed that Washington D.C. was not his place of residence. Also, by all news accounts, Mr. Obama is happily married to Michelle. For J. from the Midwest, I believe a better title for his occupation might be “Executive.” It helps fifty-something, single women stay less confused!      

Since there were fewer profiles to read this week, I used the extra time to tweak my own profile a bit.  I had a family member read my bio as it has been posted for over three months now, and asked him to offer some constructive criticism from a male perspective. He did make a few suggestions, which I thought were valid, so I updated my answers in an effort to possibly have them resonate with more potential mates. I am also being strongly encouraged by a female family member to register with a second dating site. I am still on the fence about this suggestion. Her belief is that it would broaden my chances of finding someone. While she is most likely correct in her assumption, it would definitely provide more fodder for this blog. I am not sure I am up for more “fodder.” It can be exhausting at times to document all of the ridiculous and less-than-steller content of the fifty-something, male profile.

1 thought on “Online Dating-Week 15

  1. I did 3 months on e-harmony, it was my first venture into online dating and I found the guided communication method complicated beyond belief. And, after I went through it with several men, I found that I knew then no better than when we began. I’ve met a lot more men on match. No one special, but they do honor their 6 month guarantee.
    Good luck, it’s a jungle out there!

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