Online Dating-Week 12

I must admit that “dating” was the last thing on my mind this week.  On Tuesday, March 22nd, I had arthroscopic knee surgery. I am hobbling around on crutches, nursing the grapefruit that exists where my left knee once was. I did manage to check my dating service site almost daily, with 19 matches showing up this week. The very mast majority live several states and miles away. (So much for the “300 mile radius” that I set.) Apparently, my service is getting nervous that I am still looking after nearly three months, and is searching the country (and Canada) for ANYONE with a pulse that might be a possibility. On a positive note, there were several “Dad of the Year” candidates this week. A few good men listed their children as their “passion,” which in my book is a REALLY good answer! They also went on to mention that they are enthusiastic/passionate about “living life to the fullest.” Nicely done. I knew that YOU were out there.

There were several interesting answers that showed up under the “Five Things I Can’t Live Without” category. In no particular order, they include: Internet, At least one good radio station, The History Channel, My Blackberry, Pizza, Money, Cookies, and my personal favorite, “Me.” You can’t live without yourself? He needs to meet R. from a southern state, who lists himself as the most influential person in his life. You two could meet up for coffee and discuss which one is more self-absorbed. They might also want to invite E. from the Midwest, who wants you to know that he is “in very good shape,” and that his match “must also be in good shape, and work on it in the gym or in any other way.” He is self-absorbed and controlling!

One fine doctor listed his ex-wife as the most influential person in his life. He gave the nod to her because, “She taught me many things, and took me to highs and lows that I had never seen before nor since.” Wow! She sounds like a keeper! How did you let her get away?

One apparently fatigued gent wants you to know that “sleep is a priority.” I can picture him in front of the TV, reclined in his La-Z-Boy snoring away, stocking up on beauty sleep. Shhhhh. We don’t want to wake him.

The winning answer in this week’s profiles was under the “Additional Information That I Want You to Know” category. One mystery man (no photo) from my home state wants you to know that “I am anything but your normal.” I am sorry to say that I did not write to him, because I like normal. Normal is safe, predictable, and usually does not require meds. I hope he finds his own “Abby Normal.”

My three-month membership is close to expiring. I do plan to renew, despite the fact that there has been little return on my initial investment. Suze Orman would not approve.

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