Not a Good Match

Yesterday, when I wrote a summary of my first week of experiences with an online dating site, I neglected to mention some of the more standout profiles that I perused. After mentioning a few of these to a co-worker today, I decided to jot them down for memory’s sake:

In one section of your profile, you are asked to list the five top things that you can’t live without. The very first item on one potential match’s list was “steaks.”  Probably not the soul mate of a vegetarian.  I hit the delete button.

Looking over the photo slideshow of one gentleman, I concluded that he was most likely Liberace’s son. I couldn’t possibly date a man with bigger hair than mine. Delete.

One perspective suitor answered two questions in all capital letters. This read like he was shouting, quite possibly revealing some anger and/or bitterness. Double delete.

When developing your profile, you are encouraged to list an age range for possible matches.  I decided that I could handle five years younger (age 45) and eight years older (58).  My provider sent me only three or four men in their later forties, and several that were in their middle-to-late fifties.  Unfortunately, several of the fifty-something men had not aged very well.  They looked significantly older than the candles on their birthday cake. Delete. (Sorry! In most cases, I realize that this is something you can’t control.  It is in the genes.)

Those are just a few of the most memorable “no’s” in the pile this week. I am certain that I am a “no” for some of the men who were sent my profile and photos. That is okay. Hopefully, though, I was not fodder for their blog!

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