Seven Days of Matches

Exactly one week ago today, I officially became one of thousands looking for love on the internet. My account was activated and just like that, nearly forty middle-aged men, deemed a “match” by my provider, were sent to my site. I have looked at their photos and read their profiles, and I think it might be safe to conclude that I will remain single for at least another week. I did begin communicating with one gentleman (he initiated the contact), but after replying to his second email, I have not heard from him.  Now, in his defense, he may be out of town, or in the hospital, or otherwise compromised, or perhaps he was sent a better “match,” but the fact remains that all of a sudden you are left hanging. This is exactly why I express some discomfort in doing this. It just seems kind of  “high schoolish” at times. I didn’t like playing this game back then, and I don’t like it any better thirty-something years later!

Oh well, I have vowed to give this a try. It is probably one of the best avenues for meeting single adults in our technology-driven society. I will remain hopeful that Mr. Right will appear in my “In Box” someday. As my friend Debbie used to say, “There’s no place like hope.”

See you next week…….or sooner if I have scoop!

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