A Second Try

Exactly four years ago this month, I was given a three-month subscription to Match.com. One of the owners of the company where I work generously surprised me with this gift in an effort to change my status from single to “hooked up.”  I terminated the subscription shy of the 90-day mark. I found that particular site kind of creepy and demeaning, and just couldn’t play the game. I did sign up with eHarmony during this same time period, and found this site lacking in the creep factor with a better quality of choices. However, when my subscription came up for renewal, I did not elect to re-join. In hindsight, I don’t think that I was ready to take this step. My son was just turning nine, and I could not foresee investing the time and energy it takes to date. I also believed that I had never found anyone of quality while actively “searching.” Love happens when you are merely going about your life, as in you can meet someone at the corner grocery or dry cleaners. Wrong! I spend an incredible amount of my time at the grocery and Wal-Mart and have never rammed my cart into Mr. Right.

Fast forward to January 2011. Today, I subscribed to an online dating service. I have made a vow (not to be confused with a resolution) to remain on the site for the duration of this year, or until I find my Prince Charming, currently referred to as a “Soul Mate.”  I intend to use this very blog to document the good, the bad and hopefully not, the ugly. I envision future posts that make reference to the term “rejection,” as in I have been rejected or have had to reject some of my matches. (Dating, in any forum, can be a real test of your self-esteem.) I hope to remember to remind myself (over and over, if necessary), that if I am the one rejected, it is simply because it was not meant to be. So, I am letting you and the universe know that I believe that I am ready this time to find a great companion. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

To be continued…….

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