Online Dating-Week 42 THE END

It is October 23, 2011 and this is the final posting of my online dating journal. I began this virtual journey on January 2nd, 2011, my second attempt at this modern method of searching for a mate, and officially ended it on October 19th. I am amazed that I lasted nearly 10 months as an online dating subscriber, but am not at all surprised that I failed to find my mate in cyberspace. I do not think that a few photos coupled with a brief bio truly captures who I am, or really anyone else for that matter. I have always found myself to be less than photogenic, and even though I can spell and string a sentence or two together, a few carefully written paragraphs cannot fully convey who I am and how I came to be the Joan that exists today. We are human beings comprised of energy and light. You cannot feel or experience the essence of another through a computer screen. A face-to-face encounter, divinely arranged, is the method that I believe will result in the meeting of my next, and hopefully final mate. I have learned SO MUCH these past 10 months, and do not regret one minute (or dollar) that I have invested in this process. I have met some interesting men, and acquired some much-needed practice in the dating ritual.

I have recently told a few people that 2011 looks like it will close as my best year of the past thirteen. I have been blessed with the ability to do some things for myself, such as join two writing groups and rekindle my relationship with hospice volunteering. Through these ventures and others, I am constantly meeting new people with whom I feel a kindred spirit connection. I believe that at least one or two will become long-time friendships. I will continue to embrace where I am, and will try to live by the mantra, “Let go, let God.” I know that she will continue to guide me in my journey. All I have to do is remain present and keep my eyes open to what is in front of me. I know that the possibilities for joy, happiness and contentment are endless.

THANKS  SO MUCH for reading along and supporting me this year as I shared with you my attempt to move forward with my life. I have worked tirelessly and diligently at integrating all of the lessons that were presented to me in the past decade. It has been a long and painful journey at times, but as they say, “That which doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.” I promise that I will be back with updates, because I am certain that there will be more stories to be told, along with a true final chapter, entitled “Found Mr. Right!”

As always, I wish you well in your own journey. May you find the strength and perseverance you need to weather your own storms, or at least, the cloudy days, and embrace all of the good that comes your way. As one of my bosses likes to say, “Love ya, mean it!”

5 thoughts on “Online Dating-Week 42 THE END

    • Thanks! I have never really met anyone meaningful when I was actively looking. Better just to go about your life and let things happen. Hope all is well with you.

    • Thanks Scott. Obviously, I do not share in your successful experiences with online dating. You are lucky to have found more than one good one. Just not meant to be for me, I guess. Hope you are well.

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