Online Dating-Week 38

It remained relatively quiet in my world of online dating this week. I did receive two flirtatious communications from men that I was not interested in. The first was a same-aged guy from a neighboring town who must have been doing some photo shopping since our profiles had nothing in common. The second flirt was a 61-year old seeking women 40-55. Do the math. His mate can be 21 years his junior on the low-end and six years younger on the high-end. REALLY? If you could see his photo, I am sure that you would agree that he is smokin’ something! There were only two profiles that are worthy of commentary from me:

One 56-year old, never married fella said the following. “I have been blessed with a great job, wonderful friends and good health. So why am I single? I did let a few precious women get away. My bad.” I am going to offer up a guess as to why a few good women escaped. It would most likely be due to the fact that Mr. Afraid-of-Commitment never coughed up a ring and the promise of happily-ever-after. His “precious ladies” moved on and are most likely enjoying wedded bliss with guys who weren’t afraid to take the plunge.

A 49-year old from my home state listed the following as “things he likes to do”: 4 wheeling, fishing, primitive hunting, rock hunting, flintknapping, and chillin’ with friends. His hot spots include “the farm, the lake and the woods.” First of all, Mr Caveman would NEVER be a match for an animal-loving vegetarian. Secondly, I am so far removed from his interests, that I had to look up “flintknapping,” as I am pretty sure that I have never heard that term before. Flintknapping is the process of making stone tools. Apparently, this is somewhat of a lost art, as most men (and women) purchase their tools at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

And those my friends are a few of my “matches” this week.  I wonder what algorithms my dating site uses to pair me up with potential mates? I would have to say that it is about as good at math as I am, and that is not saying much! Just ask my son. I have been unable to offer him much assistance with his math homework since he progressed past the fourth grade. Sad but true! Tune in next week as the calendar flips to October. I am sure to offer up some scary tales (or at least scary profiles) that are sure to get you in the mood for Halloween!

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