Online Dating-Week 37

I will warn you from the start. This just might be my shortest and most boring post in the thirty-seven weeks I have been blogging about online dating. I did read a fairly normal amount of profiles, but for the most part, the guys behaved. I received ZERO communications this week, which leads me to believe that my scare tactic for the JLTGL’s did serve its intended purpose. If you want to eliminate unnecessary emails and flirtatious nods from the players, just mention that you are looking for a serious, committed relationship, and they disappear. Just. Like. That. I did decide to tone down the “serious” nature of my profile, so it will be interesting to see if my communications increase this next week. I think I have a better handle on spotting the JLTGL’s, and so have a lesser chance of becoming prey to one again. I have learned valuable lessons from each and every encounter I have had on these sites, so none of it is considered wasted time. If nothing else, it serves as practice for the “real thing.”

Here are a few memorable snippets from the boy/men this week:

One 51-year old local guy invested very little time on his profile. His opening line says that he is “easy on the eyes,” which I found amusing since he posted no photo. If you are that good-looking, wouldn’t you want everyone to see? Under the heading, “What I Like To Do,” he wrote “Baseball.” I took a Pasadena on this one. Could you guess?

One 48-year old funny fella from my home state wrote the following: “Nothing scares me except the guys that dress up in drag on this site.” LOL! It seems that the men deal with their own form of “creepy/weird” on their end as well. I found this both hilarious and comforting at the same time. I bet that some of the drag queens are quite attractive, and that just maybe, a few men fall prey to them. This would be payback for us ladies who are targets of the JLTGL’s. What goes around comes around as the saying goes….

And last but not least, one attractive 53-year old from my hood posted two casual, close-up photos of himself. He is seated on the end of an unmade bed in what I would assume is his bedroom. This just might be a subliminal tactic of the JLTGL. Draft a fairly normal and nice profile that says all of the “right” things, but post photos that truly reveal your intentions. FYI guys-the kitchen is a better choice of rooms for a photo shoot. It gives the ladies the impression that you just might know how to cook!

I hope you managed to stay awake for the duration of this post. Hopefully, next week, the guys will step it up. Also, I will continue to collect more data about the motives of the 50-something bachelor. I am aware, however, that I may never fully understand the mind of the American male. That is okay. I only need to find the ONE mind that is right for me.

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