Online Dating-Week 30

My new photos continue to aid in increasing communications. I received three “flirty nods” and three emails this week. I am beginning communication with one local, same-aged guy, but that is all I will reveal. Some things need to be kept private (and off the internet) unless there really is something to talk about. You will be the first to know if there is “news.” This week, I also had one of the guys in my writing group proofread my profile. (He has subscribed to online dating sites in the past, and has met with success.) I am pleased to report that in his male, unbiased opinion, my profile received a passing grade. (This is a good thing since I am rather critical of the profiles posted by my potential matches.) So, in regards to this online dating stuff, I have done all I can do. My profile is up-to-date and apparently okay, and my photos are current and close-up. I will just sit back, relax, and read profiles. Here is what I found interesting and sharable this week:

One guy actually included a question in his profile. He wants to know, “Is there a woman that is 35-50 who can forgive small issues, does not complain about every single detail, not a victim in every conversation and can honestly be in a good mood the majority of the time in this state?” My answer to Mr. Frustrated is “No.” All of the women in this state and the remaining 49 are incapable of possessing the qualities you mentioned because they have a uterus. When one is the keeper of this particular body part, and all of the other parts that go with it, she is rendered incapable of acting in the manner you describe. She is entitled to be whiny and bitchy and moody ANYTIME she wants to because she is female. Period. (Pun intended!)

There was one rambling manifesto in this week’s lot, but I will refrain from picking on him too much since he was a hippie and  fellow veg-head. (One of my favorite alter egos.)  He did, however, mention the following, which grabbed my attention: “I caught the happy virus last night when I was out singing beneath the stars.” Here is a word of advice for Mr. Long On Words. It is probably NOT a good idea to use the word “virus” in a profile you are writing to attract women, even if it is a “happy” one. For example, I am sure that lots of folks who have contracted the Herpes virus were quite happy when they were exposed, but not so much later…..Just food for thought!

Each person’s profile has a “tag line” at the top of their page, and this one caught my attention: “My Juliette, My Juliette, where art for my Juliette!!!” First of all, please know that I really dig Shakespeare. I took a course my junior year in college that was nothing but reading, interpreting,and then writing about Shakespeare’s works. It was one of the best classes I enrolled in during my stint at the university. If one is going to quote Shakespeare, (and include a little “twist”), it would be my recommendation that you jot it down correctly. The actual quote from Juliet is, ” O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou, Romeo.” Remember guys, always spell check your work, AND get your quotes right!

On the topic once again of ridiculous age parameters, one 56-year old gent (who looked every minute of it), is seeking women aged 37-47. I am not even going to issue a comment.

There weren’t any crazy photos this week, just the usual close-ups and snapshots from scenic venues, however, one 51-year old posted five photos of himself, all of which were blurry and out-of-focus. Did you not notice that when you posted the photos? And I thought I was the only one who needs readers!

One youthful looking 56-year old had a few items in his profile that I found noteworthy. First, he wants his matches to know that he always eats his veggies, even brussel sprouts. That makes two guys now who have mentioned an affinity for veggies, especially the not-always-popular ones. (The other guy had just recently added asparagus to his preferred list.) He also stated that he wants his matches to, “Be kind to strangers, old men and stray dogs.” I have no problem extending kindness and caring to strangers and stray dogs, but after nearly seven months of reading the profiles of old men, my patience and niceness have been worn thin! Lastly, he included a statement that could be written by me. He says, “I am not shy except with girls I have a crush on!” OMG. I say this all the time. I can talk all day with a fellow that I am not attracted to, or perceive as a friend, but put an available guy in front of me who peaks my interest, and suddenly I become mute. (Not an easy feat for talkative Joan!) This exact scenario just happened to me a few weeks ago. I am fully aware of this flaw in my character and am forcing myself to work on it.

Last but not least, one Irish Catholic local guy had not one, BUT two great quotes in his profile. Number One:  “I am looking to complement not complicate your life.” And, Number Two: “I’m not looking for perfection, but rather for someone who is perfect for me!” Well done, lad. I hope you find what you are searching for!

That wraps up your peek into the online dating world for this week. Thanks to my Facebook link, my readership (and subscriptions) have increased. I greatly appreciate that you take time out of your day to read the ramblings of a 50-year old. Apparently, my son and his friends aren’t the only ones with something interesting to say. Peace out!

2 thoughts on “Online Dating-Week 30

  1. My tagline on was “What does oxygen smell like?”

    There are actually dating sites specifically for people with herpes – maybe there is one for the happy virus…

    • Love the tag line! Also, I learned something new today. I had no idea there was a dating site for Herpes carriers. It makes sense!

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