Online Dating-Week 28

This Bahama Mama had the better part of week 28 off-from work, chores and reading profiles. My son and I, along with my sister and her family, spent four funtastic days on Paradise Island (along with several thousand other folks.) Needless to say, I had little time to visit my lone online dating site. (A treat in itself!) I probably read less than 10 profiles between Friday and today, and only managed to jot down one humorous description. “Wild Scott” was sent to me as a match. W.S., a lead guitarist in a jazz/blues band, posted a single photo, which was a close up of him and his scruffy, bearded face with puckered lips, lying on a sofa. He wants his potential mates to know, “Most would say I’m crazy funny, not crazy nuts.” I would inform Steve that I was a sane, older woman until I went crazy nuts after spending six months reading bios on two online dating sites!

I promise to read (and write) more next week. It is forecasted to be a dangerously hot week here, so I shall be spending lots of time indoors at the computer. In addition to this blog, I also hope to spend some time re-working a writing piece that I hope to submit to a magazine. (I just put that intention out there so I would be accountable to someone to actually work on my little story.) It is easy to write a blog where mostly friends check in to see what I am scribbling down. It is completely different to pen something for the critical eye of strangers who have the power to reject your work. I enjoy the safe, cozy, positive space this blog provides, and I thank you for taking the time to check in this week!

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