Father’s Day

Today marks the Sunday that we honor dads. The greeting card aisles have been stocked for weeks, and radio and TV ads are full of great gift ideas, which always seem to include power tools and grills. It dawned on me recently that for the first time in my entire life, I have no one (living) to recognize this year. My own dad will be gone 15 years on July 1st, and my husband and son’s father passed nearly 10 years ago. The only remaining patriarch of recent history, my father-in-law and son’s grandfather, died on August 20th of last year.

There are no cards to buy, and no gifts to wrap. Today will be just another Sunday at our house. We miss the men in our lives, but I am personally grateful that my son does have positive male role models around him. M. is blessed to have a tennis coach who is patient and kind, and truly wants to see him improve his game to the best of his ability. M.’s private lesson teacher (for saxophone) is also a great influence, who once a week shares his gift of music. There have also been several male teachers who have had a lasting impact on M. as he makes his way through school. To these men and others everywhere, we wish you a great Father’s Day. Be sure to cherish the precious time you have with your children today and always.

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I’m thinking about how hard you work to cover both parental roles in your family…from here, it looks like you’re doing just fine. And please remember, that M may be a father himself one day. It all comes back around; the honor we show today is the honor that he might feel some day, not so far in the future. Hugs to you~ N

  2. Your post is very moving. Don’t you wish some holidays would just go away?
    You and M might want to do something special to remember the Dads on Father’s Day in the future.Think about it.
    I agree with Nan that you wear both hats amazingly well 🙂

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