Online Dating-Week 23

I was back this week, but in my new, limited way. I have only checked my second dating site once, but have been on the original site a few times. (They must have gotten wind that I am about to cancel my subscription, so they are inundating me with matches nearly everyday, with some even from my home state and town!) It has been freeing to only read certain profiles, which also resulted in fewer notes in my handy, dandy notebook. This left me more time to deal with yet another breakdown of a young, major home appliance (my four-year old washer), and my duties as chauffeur to Miss Daisy, formerly known as my son, M. I am currently trying to figure out the intentions of a certain male at my gym, who as Mick Jagger sings, “Is just dying to meet me.” (I think!) I can’t determine if he is just shy, uncertain of my own “hooked up” status, married, or ALL of the above. The “married thing” would NOT be cool, and would add an ugly chapter to this book-in-the-making.

Here are a few nice, funny and silly items plucked from profiles this week:

One kind gentleman wrote this under the heading, The Most Influential Person in my Life: ” My son because of the way he behaved during his fight with cancer (he won!)” To this I say,”AWESOME!” I love to hear about yet another cancer survivor. Also, kudos to dad for recognizing and acknowledging this in his profile.

One funny guy wrote the following under “Occupation:” CPA (Car parking attendant). Cute! I think that I might begin using CPA as my own acronym for occupation: Certified Profile Analyzer. I think I have earned this title after reading approximately 300-400 profiles over a five-month period!

One Harley riding dude wrote this under Favorite Things: “Cooking, remodel rooms and sewing (yes, I can sew pretty well.)” I kind of like this guy. He is definitely in touch with his masculine AND feminine sides, sort of like the music artist, Prince.

And, last but not least, my favorite from a 46-year old with a “supposed PhD.,” who was quite chatty with his profile. First, he posted 25 photos (a bit over done, don’t you think?) that included two close-up shots of his tattoos. Nice! He wants the reader to know that, “The partner in crime and life thang sounds good to me.” (I, too, am looking for a life partner, but was going to try to steer clear of committing any crimes at this stage in my life.) He has been told that he is an attractive man who is 6 feet, 210 lbs. He plays high stakes Blackjack, and has played in casinos just about everywhere. He has also studied (extensively) and fought full contact Bushido. (I had to look that up. It is a Japanese samurai warrior martial arts “thang.”) Under favorite things, he listed music, TV shows, college football and foods, and wrote “sugar sucks.” This modern-day Clyde (looking for his Bonnie) is WAY TOO much man for me, and while I know that “sugar sucks” from a nutritional perspective, I can’t live without it!

That’s all for this week. I kind of like the brevity of this post with its sugar sweet ending. See you next time.

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