Online Dating-Week 9

This week, I hit the two-month mark in my three-month subscription. While the matching started off slow, it ended strong with a total of 19 matches. There was a rather peculiar theme that dominated a few profiles this week. This was the incorrect use of the word “I.” There were three men that repeatedly used this word without capitalizing it within a sentence. (One gent, who listed “Academic” as his occupation, incorrectly used this word eight times.) Their bios were littered with little “i’s.” I was consistently distracted from the context of their profiles by the constant misuse use of one of the easiest words in the English language other than “a.” It bears repeating that if writing and spelling are not your thing, it would definitely be worth the time and effort to have someone proofread your profile BEFORE you post it. There were two interesting answers to the question, “Who has been the most influential person in your life?” Thomas Edison received his second vote in this category. (He was the winner in Week 3 as well.) I consider this an amazing feat for a guy who has been dead for 80 years! Congratulations, Mr. Edison. The other somewhat unlikely nod went to Jesus Christ. This was his first nomination in this category. The occupation of the fellow whose mentor is the son of God was written as follows: Trauma therapist, life coach, yoga therapist, spiritual director. I have just one question for him. How do you fit all of that on a business card?

There was one match who was a polar opposite for me. He was an ex-military guy who listed his ONE passion as: bowling, fishing, gun collecting and shooting. He reads any book about combat, and he wants you to know that he is a “One women man.” The number one thing he can’t live without is iced tea. Wow! What a catch!

The vast majority of single men on dating sites are divorced. There are some widowers and never-marrieds that get sprinkled in every once in a while. This week’s batch of matches did include one widower.  He listed the most influential person in his life as ” my deceased wife.” The number one thing that he is thankful for is, “My deceased wife, who taught me how to be a good partner.”  I am 99% sure that his primary photo, taken in the Fall of 2009, was of him and said “deceased wife.” When I finished reading his profile, my gut instinct was that this guy is not ready for dating. I am not sure what is motivating him to subscribe to an online dating site when he still appears to be grieving? I have learned the hard way that it is virtually impossible to attempt to shortcut your way through grief. You must stay present in the process until you arrive at your destination-acceptance.

Just when you thought you had logged onto the internet and were free from references to Charlie Sheen, you might want to stop reading now. Under the category, “The Five Things I Can’t Live Without,” one fellow listed Two and a Half Men as number five. It appears that it is impossible to escape Charlie Sheen Mania. He is literally EVERYWHERE!

Week eight is now a wrap. I am beginning to get a little bored with this process, even though it provides me with material that I can use for this blog. I log onto my site day after day, only to be disappointed in my choices. I am going to shrug off this lackluster week to the winter blahs. My mood and matches are carbon copies of the gray, dreary, wet days that are the prelude to Spring. I remain hopeful that as the weather warms and the sun shows it’s face more consistently, my matches, too, will be brighter and better.

2 thoughts on “Online Dating-Week 9

  1. My guess is that the guy’s friends signed him up for online dating. Either that, or he ran out of clean laundry an never learned how to do his own.

  2. I would love to leave a witty comment but, I just don’t know what to say…yikes! So, I’ll just say, “Hi Joan! Glad to see your sense of humor is staying intact. I miss seeing you in the driveway at RJS (not that the carpool is a social event for me or anything…)”

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