Online Dating-Week 8

This eighth week brought eight matches. (I believe a pattern might be developing.) One half of the men (or four, if you are good at math) had profiles that included no photo. The good news is there were two available gents with nicely written profiles AND pictures attached. I wrote to the one whose biography was spiritual in nature, and included a reference to a series of books that I read years ago, which still sit on my shelf today. I received no response to my email. (This is where the bad news begins.) Sports was the dominant theme AGAIN in many of the profiles, especially under the section, “The One Thing I Am Most Passionate About.” Here is the list, in its correct order, from one sports freak nut: Sports, baseball, football, and family. I would like to suggest a revision here. First, I think it would appear more appropriate to list “family” first. Secondly, I think that the word “sports” includes games like baseball and football, so no need to list all three. He also listed “watching sports” ahead of “spending time with friends and family” under the section, “How I Spend My Leisure Time.” You don’t have to hit me over the head with your handy, dandy baseball bat. You love SPORTS more than you love your PEOPLE. Another guy did almost the exact same thing. Under his “Passions,” he listed, in this order: Golf, college basketball/football and lastly his daughter. Under “leisure time,” his list was similar, but with one addition: Golf, dinner with my daughter, playing poker, playing golf. If you still have your math brain handy, he mentioned golf three times. I get it Tiger. YOU LIKE GOLF! The third and final jock wannabee listed “sports” as his one and only “passion.” In fact, his entire profile contained only eleven words. (He was also one of the “mystery, no photo” men.) Obviously, he was too busy watching sports to take the time to create a well-written, descriptive bio of himself that included a snapshot or two.

With March Madness on the horizon, spring training in full swing, and the NBA hooping it up nearly every night and weekend, there appears to be little hope for us lonely, single women. It would seem that many of the available men in my age range are glued to their TV set, or have their season tickets in hand, ready for the beginning of the six-month baseball season. This just weeks after relegating their favorite football jersey to the back of the closet. Instead of surrendering to my feelings of defeat and gloom, I would just like to give a big shout out to all of the single, fifty-something males who DON’T live, eat and breathe sports. Can you please show up in my universe? I’m a pretty good gal just looking for a decent guy with some depth and a zest for life. Consider yourself officially summoned.

1 thought on “Online Dating-Week 8

  1. OK, Linda. This is where your try to be a good girl and refrain from making jokes about men who would rather play with their balls than meet women. Phew I am so glad I didn’t write that.

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