Hair, Hair Everywhere

It’s that time of the year again.  No, not Lent, St. Patty’s Day, Spring or Easter.  It is shedding time at our house.  We have a yellow Lab. She sloughs off hair 24/7.  During the warm months of the year, I have her shaved, but for the remaining three-to-four months, I let her keep her warm, insulating coat. I have not shaved her since November, and the hair is EVERYWHERE-on the furniture, the floors, the window treatments,the beds, our clothes. The air duct vents are on the floor in our house, so when the furnace is running, it enables the hair to fly through the air and land in places I will probably never find until we empty out the house for a move.

I do have to say that she is such a pretty girl with her soft, cream-colored outerwear, and she so prefers her au-naturale state.  I swear that when I pick her up from the groomer after a good shearing, she actually pouts.  I don’t blame her. I would be miffed too if someone made me an appointment at a salon and I came out looking like Sinead O’Connor.

A shout out to all you brunettes and redheads out there.  If you are thinking about changing up your look a bit, stop by my house for a visit.  We’ll sit on the sofa, drink a cup of Joe and catch up.  By the time you leave, you’ll be a blond!

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