The Cheerleader

My eleven-year old son has become my greatest supporter of this attempt at a writing blog. Last night, he helped me print my current posts so that I could save them in a special binder.  (The closest they will probably come to being “bound,” as in a real book or magazine.)  Tonight, he helped me snap photos of the dog for a future entry. He suggested that I keep the camera in my purse to capture future “Kodak moments.”  He believes that if I keep on writing and snapping impromptu photos, I will secure a position at a newspaper.  He even wants to go on-line and research starting salaries for newspaper reporters.  (I don’t have the heart to tell him that sadly the newspaper is slowly becoming a dinosaur.  An unfortunate victim of the times. And, more importantly, that there a tons of talented writers vying for any few remaining jobs that MIGHT become available.)

I am amused that the child is cheering on the parent.  It is supposed to be the other way around.

UPDATE: Junior did go on-line and ended up on Craig’s List researching job openings for writers.  I used to believe that he would someday become an architect or engineer.  I now think that the title “agent” may be in his future……….

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