And The Oscar Goes To…….

It is here.  The annual event where Hollywood rewards its finest for their accomplishments in film.  I am less about the awards (and dresses, awkward acceptance speeches and political soap boxes) and more about what I believe is one of the strongest releases of must-see movies in years.  There were so many great movies that I actually started a list and began checking them off one by one.

It began in December with the release of Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren.  We attended the opening day screening as a family since the kiddos had arrived home for their winter break.  I enjoyed the storyline as well as its spiritual message.  Next was La La Land as part of a girl’s night out with the bonus child and sister-in-law.  This flick has been making a sweep of sorts of prior awards shows, but was not one of my favorites.  I am not a huge fan of the musical, and did not like the ending.  But hey, that is just me. The remainder of the screenings were knocked off by hubby and myself as part of Friday date night. Date number one was Fences.  We loved this movie!  Mr. Joan is a huge fan of Denzel, and Ms. Viola Davis should absolutely win for best supporting actress.  Date number two and the fourth feature was Hidden Figures, which I give a HUGE thumbs up!  I love books and movies based on real-life stories.  Also, as a young follower of the space program, I had been completely unaware of the back story of these women who played an integral role in getting the U.S. to the moon and back.  Moonlight was next on the list.  This is a powerful story that portrays what I believe is a mostly accurate depiction of life in the projects, drug addiction, bullying, and more.  Lion was another must-see movie for me as it was also based on a true story.  It too told a tragic story of life in an impoverished region of India, but in the end highlighted the truth that love can always find its way home. Lastly, we just barely squeezed in Manchester by the Sea as it was no longer showing in our area, but became available on our local cable provider this past week.  We headed to the Man Cave Friday night to take in this sad, rather intense movie and the Academy Award nominated performance of Casey Affleck.

We still hope to see Loving (also on our cable network) and The Founder, two more films based on real life stories, and A Dog’s Purpose.  After that, I am concerned that this wave of great movies will come to its natural end, and the shoot ’em up, sci-fi and kid flicks will once again reign at the box office.  Our patronage of local theaters and weekly contribution to the economy will likely diminish or disappear all together. We can return to our status as homebodies where the hubby can always find something on TV and I can curl up with a good book!

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