What To Write About?

As I find my days filled with “nuthin but time,” my husband encourages me to write. That is a great suggestion, but I find myself void of any fresh ideas.  I would hesitate to diagnose myself with writer’s block.  It is more a general malaise that I believe is linked to my current jobless status.  Here are a few ideas that have crossed my mind.  They are either taboo, boring or just not blog worthy in my opinion.

Politics and the New Administration-I would not touch this topic in a public forum. From what I read on Facebook and see on the news, friends are unfriending friends, families are feuding and even some marriages have busted up due to heated and divisive opinions.  Of course, we are being led to believe that negative chatter is just fake news, or alternative facts.  I suppose time will tell.  I do discuss politics with my spouse (we disagree on many topics), and a few females (read: three) who share my thoughts and beliefs.  Sometimes, one cannot hold it all in.

Unemployment-The unemployment rate in the U.S. is just under 5%.  While this number seems low, it still represents thousands upon thousands of work-ready Americans who are looking for a job.  I am keeping track of my searches.  To-date, I have applied for twelve positions.  I have had two in-person interviews, one phone interview and one FaceTime interview.  All of my applications have been done online- a few clicks including an upload of my resume and in some cases a cover letter, too. That. Is. It.  I recently applied for a part-time administrative assistant position.  I was told that over 200 people applied for this one opening, though that could just be an alternative fact.  In any case, I make my searches, apply for the positions that seem interesting to me and that I am qualified for, and then move on.    

College-Aged Boys-I have a 19-year old son who is a freshman at a university that just earned the title, “Biggest Party School” in our home state.  Based on events that we have learned about in his first semester, he has made his own contribution to the university earning this unwanted title.  I could write about underage drinking, binge drinking, peer-pressure drinking, drinking to the point of passing out, but I will refrain.  I am sure that my son, now considered an adult, would not appreciate his mom chiming in about events from his own life on her silly, little blog.  What I will say is that it is true that “misery loves company.”  I do share my son’s story with other mothers of boys and find that I am not alone.  There is a common theme in the lives of our cherished males-one of making bad choices mainly due to impulsiveness, laziness, lack of a fully developed brain and some immaturity.  We all hope (and pray) that our men/children make it through these years of intense growth and adult situations alive and well.  Many of us have discussed, disputed and researched the age at which they really do “grow up.”  Some say 20 or 21, other studies and the auto insurance industry say it is more like 25 or 26.  Oh my.  My arthritic knees will be worn out from all of that praying, and my once brunette hair will be fifty shades of gray!

Global Warming-Another taboo, political topic.  I have my own opinions on global warming, climate change, etc. but my one question is why is this a political issue?  Isn’t the proof of such an occurrence up to scientists, meteorologists and the like?  Either way, our January/February gas and electric bill was approximately $35 less than our previous bill.  This was due to a string of days with temps of 50-60 degrees.  I will take that regardless of what the politicians and scientists agree or disagree on!

Thanks for reading my non-blog worthy post full of topics that are either too divisive to discuss or just plain forbidden, at least from my perspective.  To my husband I will say, “See, I wrote something.  Thanks for always encouraging me!”  I will provide an update on my shopping ban in about 10 days as this short month comes to a close. Unlike the search for my next employer, I am making excellent progress with my status as a non-shopper!


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