Online Dating-Week 7

Seven appears to be the lucky number this week.  This is my seventh week of online dating, and my service matched me with seven men. Now, in Las Vegas, “seven” may be a winning number, but there is no jackpot for me this week. The themes of previous weeks continued. There was one match with no photo, and he was also “neither religious nor spiritual.” There were three additional sports fanatics, with one even posting the one and only photo of himself at a ballgame with three of his buddies. (I would refer them to my blog posting dated February 6, 2011. Be very careful about boasting about your love of sports. For a large majority of women, this may be a HUGE turn-off!) One gent had no less than eight misspelled words in his very wordy profile. My favorite was under the section, “What is the First Thing People Notice About Me?” He answered, “That I am a grreat guy.” Get out your bowl and Frosted Flakes. I found Tony the Tiger, and he is my match! Grrrrrr…..Under the heading, “Occupation, ” there were a couple of new and interesting ones. There were two engineers-one was a chemical engineer (obviously a smart guy), and the other was a Nondestructive Testing Engineer. Huh? Obviously, there must also exist a “Destructive Testing Engineer.” His/her job sounds way more fun. They get to go to work, destroy things AND get paid for it! The list also included a semi truck driver and one guy who was honest and forthright about the fact that he is on disability. Again, I am not so sure that you should share that type of information in your profile. It is not a chick-magnet kind of occupation. Actually, it is not an occupation at all!

This post serves as my shortest to-date. There just wasn’t much to work with this week. Pretty much the same old, same old. I can continue to check my site daily, and then go on about my life. This is an opportunity to remind myself to just “be.”

1 thought on “Online Dating-Week 7

  1. It will be “same old, same old” until you go out with one! Did you not write a plot for this blog? It’s supposed to go like this: Joan finds interesting guys, Joan and guys go out. Soon Joan finds really cool guy. He loves her for ever. The End.

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