Joan and Son Lawn Care

It is spring, and that means that one can literally sit by a window and watch the grass grow.  I am not really looking forward to a plush, green lawn this year, because I have to mow it.  For the past six seasons, I indulged myself by hiring a lawn service to perform this dreaded weekly chore. Each week, Eric would faithfully show up, and within 20 minutes or so, have the lawn cut, weed-whacked, and the driveway and sidewalk blown clean. I just had to write a check, put it in a stamped envelope and leave it in the mailbox. No sweating, green-stained shoes, or gasoline-smelling hands.

I recently had to inform Eric that I could no longer afford his services. (Another budget cut resulting from my lesser employment status.)  This evening, I hauled out the spreader and sprayed fertilizer as I walked, row after row, up and down the lawn. (This is Step one of four of the Scott’s Fertilizer System. Good thing my lawn doesn’t have an issue with alcohol, or I would be forced to complete a 12-step program.) This feeding schedule is guaranteed to produce a lush, carpet-like covering. Great! Mow, mow, mow the lawn!

I hope to entice Junior to assist with my lawn care duties. (If I dangle the “increased allowance carrot,” he just might bite.) I measured him, like you do for those rides at amusement parks, and the good news is he is just tall enough to fit behind a self-propelled mower. I will buy him a pair of goggles, make sure that he is wearing closed-toe shoes, and pull the string. Vroooom! Off he goes………

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