Shopping Ban

I have been banned from shopping. This self-imposed edict is the result of my reduced employment. My once familiar shopping haunts-Kohl’s, Steinmart, Target, T.J. Maxx-are strictly off limits. I am also forbidden from Lowe’s and Home Depot, too. I will have to pass this year on a new Easter dress and bonnet.  ( I am not too upset about the bonnet. I don’t wear hats well, short hair and all.)  There will be no cute, strappy sandals in my closet, either. I will just pull out my varied assortment of open-toed heels and flats from years past.

I am experiencing few symptoms of withdrawal as I drive by strip malls, unable to pull in and park.  I don’t really need anything, anyway. (I am forever explaining the difference between a WANT and a NEED to my son.)  I am, however, finding it difficult to put the kabosh on any home improvement projects. Over the course of the seven years we have lived in our current abode, I have always had some kind of project to occupy my time and wallet. I have painted, tiled floors, re-modeled a bathroom, updated (in parts) the kitchen, and more. I would love to be able to re-do a second bath and replace my drafty, out-dated windows.  There are no funds for such luxuries in the budget this year, or possibly even next. Ouch!

I realize that I am contributing to the downturn of the economy. The only thing that I can afford to stimulate right now is my imagination. I may start a “wish file”, where I can store magazine clippings of trendy bathroom fixtures and ads for replacement windows. A girl can still dream. It’s free.

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