Life 101

My friends are leaving town tomorrow and heading to a famous cancer center where the Mr. will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant.  As I spoke with them today, I was reminded about the many people I know (and lots more that I don’t) who are dealing with REALLY heavy issues.  This includes friends and acquaintances with diseases like Cancer and ALS, or other folks who are out of work and trying to reinvent themselves.  As hard as these “lessons” may be for everyone involved, they are our opportunities for personal growth.  If you show up for class and do the homework, you will be rewarded with an “A”  in the course called “Life.”  You may learn things about yourself (and often others) that you did not know and you will, in all likelihood, be a better, stronger person because of this experience.

I am grateful that I am having a reprieve from the trauma and drama that have dominated my life, and that of my family, for the better part of a decade. However, I do not want to forget that many others are experiencing their own kind of personal hell as we speak.  You are in my thoughts, and I send you lots of love wrapped in positive, healing energy.

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