A Tekkie is Hatching

I am pretty sure that I was the last person on this planet to get a microwave, and most likely the second-to-last to get a cell phone.  I am SCARED TO DEATH of technology and tend to stay away from it whenever possible, which is hard to do in this century.  Up until just a few years ago, the most I could do with a computer was turn it on and manipulate the mouse thingy.  I have come a long way.  This week alone, I started my own writing blog (that still cracks me up when I say it out loud or write it down), and I just used the self-scan machine at the grocery store (the clerk did have to help me).  I did this ALL IN ONE WEEK!  I am pretty sure that either Microsoft or NASA will be calling soon, begging me to come work for them.  But just for the record, I still refuse to learn how to text message on my phone. I prefer the sound of the human voice. LOL

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