She Can Breathe

We’ve all experienced the dreaded symptoms of a cold, allergies, or sinus infection—a stuffy nose, a congested, leaden head, sinus pressure, and mouth breathing. When confronted with these symptoms, we often ingest copious amounts of medication, both over-the-counter and prescription, desperate for relief.

I suspect that for quite some time, Mother Earth has been existing in a perpetual state of congestion, a result of the massive amount of pollutants dumped into her breathing space. Day after day, she’s forced to exist in her clogged state with little hope for a respite from her misery.

As a result of our global timeout, planes have been grounded, trains sit idle on tracks, factories are closed, and people are at home and out of their cars. Our collective standstill has resulted in positive changes in the environment. Perhaps the most notable is the significant decline in air pollution in major cities around the world.

Mother Earth can breathe. And she’s grinning from ear to ear as she inhales slow, deep, cleansing breaths through her nose. She’s grateful for this gift, and she’s wondering what can be done to ensure that it lasts?

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