Moving Forward

I’ve been aware for quite some time that our thoughts, words, and actions have wings. That is, everything we think, say, and do makes its way into our world, our consciousness. We need to be mindful, now more than ever, of this universal force.

There will come a time when our restrictions will be lifted. Businesses and schools will reopen, restaurants will have dine-in options, and grocery stores won’t be stripped bare of their wares. People will say, “I’ve gone back to work,” or “Things are returning to normal.”

I think we should refrain from using terms like “going back” or “returning to normal” as this dismisses much of the forward progress that’s taking place as we speak. We’re experiencing a new way of life, making use of time many of us have never had. People are creating and embracing new ways of engaging with their families, friends, and neighbors—family game night, spending time in nature walking, playing, or just sitting, singing from balconies, checking off to-do list items, using phones for chats not scrolling.

If we go back to our harried and often self-absorbed way of life, we’ve missed the lessons that have been placed right in front of us. What’s happening now is so much more than a virus. It’s a wakeup call. It’s an opportunity to restructure the way we live, reprioritize our daily agendas, and increase the time spent enjoying one another.

It’s our chance to do and be better.

Rahul Gandhi says it this way:

“It is the time to move ahead and bring the change.”

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Love this, Joan. I also feel like I am discovering new things about myself and what is and is not that important to me. Definitely growing and changing time. Love You and thanks for these uplifting messages Joanne

    • Oh, Joanne, I just love reading this! Thank you for posting your thoughts. THIS is what we need to be doing. Thinking about and pondering where we are, where we are going. It’s so important. We are never too old to learn and grow, to change. Thank you for reading and sharing. Hugs.

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