And Then There Were Two…

It is official.  We are semi-empty nesters.  I inject the term “semi” since both of our students will be in and out of the house over the next few years, though more out than in.  I have been asked a few times already how I am handling this change to the family dynamic.  My answer is simple.  As long as they are doing well, I am doing well.  After all, this is what we have worked towards for eighteen years.  We get them successfully and safely through their elementary, junior high and high school years, and then hope they figure out what they want to do career wise.  For some that means pursuing a college education, for others learning a trade.  This is the next step. They get to learn more about life, people, finances, independence, time management and much more.  We hope they remember all they have been taught, and that they make good choices.  They begin a new chapter in their life and so must we.

I do not intend to waste a minute of my newfound free time.  Before they were even out the door, I registered for a seven-week photography class that begins in just a few days. I hope to refresh my skills with the fancy schmancy camera I purchased a few years ago.  Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I plan to spend more time with this blog as well as a few other writing projects.  My spouse has agreed to take swing dance lessons-date and time to be determined.  We also hope to have more time to connect with friends and family.  In a few weeks, we are beginning yet another home improvement project, but one that should be the last in a 15 year upgrade of this cozy, cute ranch.  I have turned in my 30-day notice at the gym where I have faithfully perspired for several years.  I need both a change in venue and a change in my routine.  I am working on a fitness regimen to better compliment my overused bones and joints, and one that might prolong a need for a knee or hip replacement.  I can foresee one or both in my future.  I would also like to return to a meditation practice that I never did master.  My Type A personality finds it difficult to quiet the constant chatter in my brain.  This will be a challenge, but one that I am up for as I believe the results physically, mentally and spiritually are well worth the time and effort.

I am grateful that I did not come home alone after depositing my freshman off at college.  I think this transition would be much more difficult if I were still single. Instead, I came home with my best friend who also happens to be my spouse. Together we can pat ourselves on the back for surviving widowhood, and for raising two good kids.  We made it through some dark and tough times and came out better for it on the other end.  Now, we can hopefully enjoy some “us time.”  And then there were two……




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