A Happier Holiday

Christmas is less than four weeks away, and I say bring it on! Last year, December and its approaching holiday became a frantic, frenzied and fumbled collection of days. I felt an incredible amount of (self-induced) pressure to get IT all done-the decorating, the cards, the shopping, the baking. By the time the actual blessed day arrived, I had canceled my family plans, and spent the holiday unshowered, in my pj’s, on the verge of a breakdown. Nice! Determined not to end up straight-jacketed at the funny farm this year, I have carefully eased into my to-do list and re-evaluated my priorities. When a writing mood struck a few weeks ago, I seized the moment and crafted my holiday letter. Check! Last weekend, a friend kindly obliged and snapped a family photo for the holiday card. Check! This past week, I took advantage of my vacation time and decked the halls AND the tree. Check times two! This leaves only the shopping ( a fairly short list that includes gift cards), and the baking.  Completely do-able!

Surprisingly, I am feeling very little stress as the countdown begins. I remain hopeful that this year will be different after all. It is quite possible that when the calendar flips to the 25th, I will be ready to engage and participate, all showered and dressed.  There really just might be a Santa Claus!

2 thoughts on “A Happier Holiday

  1. We have met the Santa Clause and he is US! I mean that in every secular and spiritual way… It sounds like you’re very tuned in to the season, Joan. Just remember that our lists are really very short: 1) breath in 2) breate out. Hugs to you this holiday season! I wish you every Merry possible 🙂

  2. Hi Joan, I can relate to the holidays being stressful. Mine turned out great by eliminating a lot of activities previously considered “obligations”. I didn’t even cook on Christmas day. It was so laid back and peaceful. I would say – be with extended family if that is fun, get your kid what he really wants if you can, then add whatever else you like.

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