This Neglected Child of Mine

I just checked in with my site for the first time in weeks.  My last blog was posted on September 20th.  Can that be? Have I neglected this child of mine for over three months?  If this were a human baby, I would have had Child Protective services knocking on my door, threatening to remove this offspring from my home (and computer).

Thankfully for Joan’s Jottings, the Christmas tree and trimmings have been packed away for at least ten months, and the lazy months of January and February are upon us.  I am choosing not to make any New Year’s Resolutions as we begin this new decade, but if I were, I would vow to write more.  I would also like to spend more time keeping in touch with friends.  And then there is my wish to abstain from using curse words (things that come out of my mouth), and eat less sugar (things that go into my mouth).  Oh no, this is beginning to sound like a list of New Year’s Resolutions!

I wish you a year of happiness and good health, and whatever may be on your non-list of resolutions!

1 thought on “This Neglected Child of Mine

  1. Thankfully for all of us who read your writings, more is to come. I like your non-resolutionisms. Wishing you all good things too!

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