A Rare Event

One week ago, I was privileged to attend a fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration. The happy couple, long-time family friends, were married August 15th, 1959, and are both seventy-two years young. It was a festive occasion, complete with dinner, dancing and a video scrapbook of the couple’s life, from birth until present.  I could not help but think that I probably will receive very few silver anniversary invitations in my remaining lifetime. The average age for first-time marriages has risen, and divorce gobbles up 40-50 percent of those once happy unions. Life expectancy for women is currently 80 years, however her spouse can only expect to live to an average age of 73. Widowhood puts a kabosh on the prized half-century anniversary party.

For our friends, Mary Ann and Dave, I raise my glass and toast the rare milestone that you achieved last weekend. It was an honor to celebrate a healthy, committed relationship that has survived the ups and downs of a fifty year ride. I wish you both continued good health and happiness, and would welcome an invitation to a party in honor of your 75th anniversary. Cheers!

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