Twice the Vice Isn’t Nice

It would seem that everyone has some sort of vice, or two, or more. Typical vices might include drinking, smoking, gambling, illegal drug use, and incessant viewing of reality TV shows. (I made up the last one.) I do not partake in any of the above mentioned activities, but would include a sugar addiction and cursing as my two vices. I am not sure how or when I actually sprouted my sweet tooth, but I have on occasion attempted to ban refined sugar and other processed white stuff from my diet. I do not usually stay on the wagon for any notable length of time.

I am currently considering eliminating curse words from my vocabulary.Unlike my sugar habit, I am able to pinpoint the moment in time when my potty mouth was born. In seventh grade, I befriended two girls in my grade-Terry and Terry. The two Terrys were already traveling in the fast lane at the advanced age of thirteen, and I hitched a brief ride. They cursed like sailors, and I, their naive follower, began mimicking their not-so-ladylike vocabulary. A habit was born. I have been cursing now for about thirty-six years. I am proud of the fact that I am able to turn my toilet mouth on and off at will. I do not swear when involved in professional situations at work, and rarely swear at home except for the occasional s_ _ t or d_ _ n when I spill or break something.

I do often swear in my car, because it seems that on most days, I appear to be the only one on the road who actually passed a driving test. I also curse in conversation as a means of emphasis. It’s like adding another adjective in front of an adjective in an effort to really drive home a point, or more accurately describe something. This is my most preferred use of the curse word, and will probably be the hardest to give up.

In an effort to continually strive to improve myself, I will attempt to bite my tongue or seal my lips when the urge to curse seems warranted. I hope like hell that I am able to do it!

1 thought on “Twice the Vice Isn’t Nice

  1. If the two of us ever have a fender bender the language should be enough to blow the tires off both of our cars! I never knew about your vice (-;

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