It’s that time of the year when invitations are mailed and caps and gowns are donned by teens and adults, eager to embark on the next leg of their human journey. I experienced my own graduation of sorts last week. On Thursday, I had my bi-annual check-up with my Oncologist. (My visits with Dr. B. have steadily been reduced from weekly to monthly to quarterly to bi-annually.) For awhile now, I have been pleading with the good doctor to allow me check in just once a year, but he has consistently and politely denied my request. It’s not that I absolutely hate going for these check-ups. I do have blood drawn and they run two separate tests. Once the results are determined to be “normal,” there is a sense of peace that comes from knowing that I remain cancer-free. However, these appointments have a way of hurling me back to a time, not so long ago, when I was a full-fledged cancer patient. So, twice a year, I beg to “graduate” to just an annual visit. After checking my chart (along with my perfect grades and attendance), Dr. B. granted me my wish. My next appointment is May 6, 2010.

Congratulations to all the graduates this season, from preschool to medical school. Woo Hoo! (That is me tossing my cap into the air!) Life is sweet!

1 thought on “Graduation

  1. Hooray!!! That is reason to celebrate with more than a metaphorical cap toss in the air — let’s do it! I am so happy for you, my friend.

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