Tara the Toro

dsc00312There she is-my brand-spanking new Toro lawn mower. We brought her home last Saturday. Once we unloaded her from the trunk, we carefully extracted her from her cardboard home, extended the handles, and quenched her thirst with gasoline and oil. For five days, she has anxiously been awaiting her debut. Today, was her coming out. She started on the first pull, and when I gave the signal, we were off.  She is self-propelled, and has a self-pacing feature, meaning her speed will match the driver’s walking tempo. I am pretty sure that Junior will have no problem directing her around the yard.

Our previous mower was a Lawn Boy, which was a politically correct shade of green. Tara is fire-engine red, a color close to my heart and astrology sign.  (I was born under the fire sign-Leo.)  I think that we will be a good match.

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