A Chip off the Old Block

Junior has been working on a fictional narrative in his fifth grade class. The students have been closely instructed and supervised as they learn about character development, rising action, climax, falling action, etc. His teacher has communicated that the class is doing a great job and are quite imaginative. Junior’s story is entitled, “Dog Heaven.” It is about a family of mutts that have the good fortune of being adopted by the well-to-do Miller clan. The canines-mom, dad, and their four offspring-take up residence on an upper floor of the Miller home. Their private wing comes complete with a butler, personal treadmills, an indoor swimming pool, flat screen TVs and more. The story meets all of the criteria of the assignment, and is typed up, ready to be turned in tomorrow.

I can remember writing lessons of this nature from my own elementary school days. A story about leprechauns, penned by me in the third grade, is my most vivid memory of my earliest attempt at the fictional narrative. Perhaps my son’s short story will inspire him to continue to reach inside his right brain and create more works of fiction. And, if he becomes a better writer than me, I will bow to his lead and change the name of this blog to “Junior’s Jottings.”

1 thought on “A Chip off the Old Block

  1. How fun! I love to read what the boys write. They are treasures.
    When Junior’s Jottings comes online, I’ll be a loyal reader…

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