Rock-a-Bye Baby


I am hoping to take advantage of the creative juices that have been flowing within me since beginning this blog. I will be swimming in un-chartered waters as I attempt to refinish a piece of furniture. I have never really had the desire (or the patience) to take on a project of this nature, but with time on my hands and a lack of change in my pocket, I figure, what the heck.

This particular rocking chair is a token from my childhood-a comfortable resting place that once accommodated my pint-sized tushy. Once she could no longer safely contain my increasing size and weight, this rocker became a haven for my vast doll collection.  She had been safely stored away in my basement, until recently, when I brought her upstairs and found her a new home near the fireplace. Her current dye-job does not blend well with the decor of the room, so I will attempt to update her look.

This past weekend, I ignored my self-imposed shopping ban and headed to Lowe’s, where, for about twenty bucks, I picked up the products necessary to transform Miss Thing from her current oak wash to ebony. I posted a “before” photo, so you can see her original state. Once the makeover is complete, I will post an “after” glamour shot. That is, IF she turns out well.

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