The Writing Room

Several months ago, as I contemplated the notion of buckling down and doing some writing, I decided to convert a spare bedroom into a writing room. This particular space is small and cozy, nestled between two other bedrooms in our home. I donated the barely-used futon that occupied one wall, and in its place, I re-located a desk. I hauled two, six-foot bookshelves up from the basement, and carefully stocked them with books of inspiration. (These selections were written by authors that I aspire to be like when I grow up.) Their purpose is to supply positive and creative energy to this sanctuary of sorts. I scattered some framed photographs alongside the various novels and classic literature to fill in some empty gaps.  As a finishing touch, I purchased a new lamp for the desk, brought in a small decorative chair and a trunk to occupy some unused space, and hung photographs of nature on the walls. I also took some time to reread the writer’s how-to-book, “Writing Down the Bones, “ by Natalie Goldberg, for further motivation. The writing room was open and ready for business.

Funny thing, as the calendar flipped from 2008 to 2009, I actually did sit down and do some writing. However, I have found that I tend to do my better work plopped in my bed or hidden away in my walk-in closet, with a spiral notebook in hand. When I have crafted a story worthy of typing up, I get comfortable at a second desk, located in the great room, and begin transferring the words into the computer, to be filed and saved.

Perhaps, the writing room can be used as my meditation retreat? I have been meaning to get more serious about my nearly non-existent practice of quieting the mind.  Ohm…………

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