Mr. Fear

It has been a little over two weeks since I started this blog. I was introduced to this on-line notebook by my new BFF, Jane. She started her own blog in January, and simultaneously put herself on Facebook. In a nine week time-span, she has made virtual friends all over the US and parts outside its borders. She has also reconnected with long lost friends and acquaintances. She is a regular reader of several other blogs and was the guest stop on a blog tour of a published author. She is encouraging me to follow her lead.

Yesterday, as I clicked on Jane’s blog and then followed the prompt to the tour, I could feel my heart pound a little faster and my blood pressure begin to rise. I was having a mini panic attack triggered by my old friend, fear. Mr. Fear has been my nemesis. He knows just how to push my insecure button, which causes my tail to tuck between my legs as I head for the hills. Mr. Fear knows that I have run away from making a commitment to writing several times over the past several decades, dating as far back as high school. He would love to see me hang it all up again, another notch in his belt. I have been tempted to let him take the prize once more, but then I remembered that when he showed up five years ago in my room on an Oncology unit, I sent HIM home packing. (If you let fear win when you are battling a life-threatening illness, the chances are good that your choice will be a fatal one.)

I did allow myself to be intimidated by all of the scary places that I will have to go in order to broaden my scope as a writer. I even had to shut off my computer, pick up a cloth and clean house for awhile. (Dust does not scare me one bit.) However, I eventually sat back down at my desk, turned the computer back on, and wrote. I even began re-working a story for a possible submission to a writing contest. Oh Mr. Fear, come out, come out wherever you are……………..

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