The Movie Critic

Just like any child, my son has progressed from diapers to briefs, from a crib to a big-boy-bed, and from pureed yummies in a jar to food in its original form, served on a plate. His most recent stage of development has been a switch from animated, G movies to those with PG and PG-13 ratings.  It has been a gradual process of sorts, but in the past year or so, his preference for the mature movie has really taken off.  I mentioned this “growth spurt” to a co-worker, who quickly jotted down a list of classic, must-see DVD”s. We carried the list with us to the public library and the local Blockbuster, where we frequently borrow or rent our evening entertainment. (Also known as “movie night” at our house.) Here are just a few of the big-boy movies my son has caught up on:

Big,Field of Dreams, Forrest Gump, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Rain Man, The Wizard of Oz, the Mission Impossible trio, the Indiana Jones series (this was in preparation of the fourth Indy flick that was released last year), and just about every James Bond film that has ever been released. (For the record, there are over 20 Bond movies. Junior only has a few that remain unseen, and so far, he prefers Pierce Brosnan in the title role.)

I am enjoying this new phase. Together, we have headed to the theater and taken in a few recent hits, such as Ironman, Hancock, and Marley & Me.  This is yet another reminder that our children do not remain little for very long. I am just grateful that he still wants to be seen with me in public!

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