The Scent of a Woman

I take my dog, Lexi, for daily walks. We both look forward to these excursions. I am able to enjoy the great outdoors, and if the the sun is shining, receive a complimentary dose of Vitamin D. Lexi is able to burn off some excess energy, and take in all of the wonderful “deposits” left by other creatures, domestic and wild. I also use our daily constitutional as an opportunity to socialize Lexi.

We adopted our lovable Lab from a rescue nearly three years ago. I do not believe that Lexi had been abused by her previous owner, but she does have her “issues”.  She is afraid of loud noises, such as motorcycles and large trucks. She tries to chase after anything that has a need for speed-joggers, cyclists, or skate-boarders. She likes some humans, not others. Ditto for canines. (There is no predicting who is a friend and who is a foe.) I think that her insecurities are fear-based, the result of a lack of proper socialization as a youngster. I use our daily cardio workout as a way to familiarize Lexi with the outside world, and to enable her to conquer her demons.

Our training is slowly beginning to pay off. We both have made lots of friends as we continue to pound the pavement, day after day. Lexi is especially fond of two male dogs who live in our neighborhood. A few times a week, we head in the direction of this particular home. Lexi begins whining in anticipation of visiting with the boys, and possibly sneaking in a good butt-sniffing session. Often, the yard is devoid of the dogs. (Our walk time must not coincide with their potty break.) Lexi is disappointed, yet she never fails to let them know that she stopped by. Like clockwork, she faithfully squats in the yard and leaves them a little “liquid present.” I hope they appreciate the gift.

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