Accentuate the Positive

Earlier in the week, I had lots of running around to do-the gym, errands, doctor appointment, etc.  It seemed that everywhere I went, I had positive encounters with complete strangers.  I exchanged some friendly small talk with a woman in my Spinning class. I traded smiles and a “hello” with the woman pumping gas across from me. I shared grins with others as we passed in hallways or out on the street. The trend continued at home, as I received encouraging emails from family and friends.  Was all of this cheeriness the result of a warm, spring-like day? Possibly.

I would like to believe that there was more at play here than just nice weather.  In light of all the bad news that we are bombarded with everyday-rising unemployment, dips and crashes in the Stock Market, foreclosures, wars and more, people are choosing to remain upbeat, and have a need to connect with others-even strangers.

Positive ALWAYS trumps negative.

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