The Religion of Joan

I consider myself spiritual, not religious, and I believe that there is a difference.  My spiritual beliefs can be summed up in a few statements.

1. I believe in a higher power.  (You can call her whatever you like.)

2. We are all ONE.  (This is a biggy!!!)

3. What goes around, comes around. (Think Boy George and “Karma Chameleon.”)

4. We all came from the same place, and when our earthly lessons are complete, we all return to that place.  (It has been called heaven, nirvana, the other side.)

5. We are all made of energy.  Is yours positive or negative? (Hint: You want to pick the one that starts with “p.”)

6. EVERYTHING happens for a reason.  (There is no such thing as fate, luck or accidents.)

I was raised Catholic (not strict) and married a Jewish man (Conservative, not Orthodox).  This makes our offspring “Cathish.” When people ask me if I am raising my son as a Christian or a Jew, I say neither.  I tell them them that I am raising him in the Religion of Joan.

1 thought on “The Religion of Joan

  1. I like this….I found your blog through Jane Bretl’s and I WILL be back. Have you ever watched Joan of Arcadia? Like the song says, “what if God was one of us?” My thought is, ‘Duh. Of course he’s one of us. He’s all of us’ Thanks for being here, Joan, and safe travels to you.

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