If you read my earlier post, “The Religion of Joan,” you know that I believe that we all are one.  This belief easily becomes eroded because as a society we insist on putting labels on ourselves. For example, let me make a list of all of the “tags” I might put on myself.

Female, Caucasian, Heterosexual, Buddhist, Democrat, Liberal, Accountant, Non-Smoker, Addict-you get my drift.

Here’s what often happens when human beings label themselves and others.  That old, scary notion of  “it’s my way or the highway”  comes into play.  We start believing that OUR race, OUR religion, OUR sexual orientation, OUR political affiliation, OUR occupation, is better than the next person’s.  This is VERY DANGEROUS.  It succeeds in accomplishing the one thing  that we do not need and that is to separate ourselves from one another.  Our country is in crisis, the world is in crisis.  We need each other.  Think twice before labeling yourself or someone else.  Try not to put yourself in a box.  It is dark and stuffy in there and smells like cardboard.

As far as my list is concerned, I am stuck with the labels white, straight girl. (The other labels are fake, anyway.)  I can’t change those. Okay, I guess  I could change my gender with surgery if I were so inclined.  I will choose to be color-blind and I will stay straight. I like men.

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