Cleaning Up Your Karma

I am a clean freak.  I love to clean.  It is therapeutic for me.  Something I have given thought to lately is “cleaning up my karma.”  If you have ever watched the television show, “My Name is Earl” on NBC, you know that the premise of the show is that Earl has made a list of all the people he has wronged in his life.  He spends time tracking them down to make things right, aka, cleaning up his karma.  If you are unsure of the meaning of karma, it comes from Hinduism and Buddhism and is the force generated by a person’s actions.  Some people define it as “what goes around comes around.”  Like Earl, I could probably make a list of my wrongs and make them rights.  I like that idea!  When I leave this earth and return to my spirit, I cannot take my tidy house and immaculate yard, but I can take my sparkling, spiffy karma.

I recently had the opportunity to fix some karma that I had created over 30 years ago in my high school math class.  Some classmates and I had been acting disrespectfully towards our teacher, Mr. T, for several class periods.  Things escalated one day and Mr. T kind of lost his cool and proceeded to rip my math notebook in half.  The class was stunned and so was Mr. T.  He ended up walking out of the classroom.  I don’t recall any real details or repercussions after the notebook-ripping incident, but I do know that this episode has stayed with me all of these years.  I have always felt badly about acting disrespectfully towards an adult, especially a teacher.

Last month, I had the chance to speak with Mr. T.  I recanted the story of that day in his algebra class and apologized for my behavior.  He did not remember the incident, but found the tale humorous.  I told him that if I died that day on my way home, at least I was given the chance to correct my karma with him.  It was a great feeling!

I have begun a mental Earl-like  list of other wrongs that I can right.  I think that I may have stumbled onto another way to channel my cleaning tendencies.  Spring is right around  the corner.  Care to join me in some karma cleaning in honor of the season?

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Your Karma

  1. Love it, Joan. What a great start! Your writing is so fluid, and full of emotion and humor at the same time. I look forward to many, many more peeks into your life!
    You’ve inspired me to do some “spring cleaning” of my own…

  2. Hi Joan! Wow…I laughed and cried reading your posts! I feel like you are sitting right here talking with me personally as I’m reading them – I think you have found your “gift” and you have so much knowledge and meaningful life experiences to share.

    I am a fan! Keep it up!

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